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effects in cervical cancer (cervix uteri. "Abdominal radical trachelectomy—technique and experience". "Centenary of the birth of Hermann Rorschach.

"Radical trachelectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy with uterine preservation in the treatment of cervical cancer". "Copyright Term and the public Domain in the United States". "Persistent area socioeconomic disparities. "Liquid-based cytology in cervical screening: an updated rapid and systematic review and economic analysis". "Estimate of the global burden of cervical adenocarcinoma and potential impact of prophylactic human papillomavirus vaccination". "Possible Etiologies of Cancer of the cervix Other Than Herpesvirus". "Epidemiologic classification of human papillomavirus types associated with cervical cancer". "Liquid-based cytology in cervical screening: a rapid and systematic review". "Cranial osteopathy, delusion or reality?". "Challenges Since wikipedia: The availability of Rorschach Information Online and Internet Users' reactions to cranio Online media coverage of the rorschachwikipedia debate". "Postcoital bleeding: a review on etiology, diagnosis, and management".

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"Interventions targeted at women to encourage the uptake of cervical screening". "Complaint over Doctor femme Who posted Inkblot Test". "Liquid Based Cytology (lbc nhs cervical Screening Programme". "An examination of interrater reliability for scoring the rorschach comprehensive system in eight data sets". "Primary surgery versus primary radiotherapy with or without chemotherapy for early adenocarcinoma of the uterine cervix". "Condom use Promotes the regression of Cervical Intraepithelial neoplasia and Clearance of hpv: Randomized Clinical Trial". "Cervical cancer statistics and prognosis".

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Json in a text editor and add an additional entry for hyperion using the video information of the usb-videograbber to calculate the colors for the leds. Following entry is required ( Values already optimized "grabber-v4l2" : "device" : dev/video0 "input" : 0, "standard" : "ntsc "width" : -1, "height" : -1, "frameDecimation" : 2, "sizedecimation" : 4, "priority" : 800, "mode" : "2D "cropLeft" : 6, "cropRight" : 6, "cropTop". For you to see where to add the entry, you can just download my config file and check the proper position. Zip After this is done, you just put the abber. Json file into the configfiles-folder of Openelec Here should also be your nfig. Json file which you already created in the Ambilight Howto part. Json file, paste it again and rename it to nfig.

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Now this function will handen be activated, please see the screenshot. Create config file for Video grabber In Part 2 of my ambilight howto i showed you, how to create a hyperion config file for Kodi. For the videograbber you need to create a separate config file with optimized settings. The procedure is pretty much the same, but you will need different values at some points. So just start the hyperion Cofig tool again and generate a new config file for the videograbber. Except for individual values like quantity, direction and beginning point of the leds which need to be adjusted to your system you can just apply all other values from my screenshots. You will have great results with them.

If you dont like my settings, you can do finetuning and adjustments later with your smartphone easily. After all is set correctly, just generate the config file and name it abber. Why it has to be named like that? I will explain in Step. Open the new created abber.

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Prepare your Raspberry pi 2 to avoid problems directly in the beginning, just optimize your config. Txt for this installation. Where you can find the config. Txt and how to edit it, you still know from the part. you need to edit/activate following entries: max_usb_current1 Because the videograbber consumes much energy, it makes sense to raise the current on the usb-ports.

With this entry you can do this easily. Hdmi_force_hotplug1 While youre in the config. Txt, you can also activate the function for the raspberry starting, even, when it doesnt get a signal from the tv by hdmi-cable yet. Especially this makes sense for people, who only want to use the raspberry pi for controlling external Ambilight and dontt have a monitor or tv directly connected. The entry is also in the config. Txt, you only need to remove the hash before.

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Construction plan hdmi-2-av converter pay attention that you have to maagkrampen set pal or ntsc on the converter, depending to your region. Also there is an Mini-usb socket on the converter, but you dont have to use it, since the hdmi cable should provide enough energy. I tested it with and without additional energy from usb cable, and there was no difference at all. You only need to connect the yellow chinch-cable, the red and white ones are only used for audio. Realization And thats how I realized everything on my tv-system: Tro prevent, that some leds are covered by cables, i just fixed all devices with double-sided adhesive tape directly to the backside of the. If necessary, you can remove it residue-free, thats why i chose to use. Additionally, i fixed the long hdmi-cables with some zip ties. Please keep in mind, that i only present my solution here. Of course you can also just put them on the ground behind the tv, just keep attention, that no cables cover the leds.

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Unfortunately many converters arent applicable for this project, thats why i recommend you to buy the exact models I provide in the shopping List. The recommended video grabbert has a fushicai chipset, which gave me the best results. Also, it doesn require any drivers, since theyre william included in Openelec already. So the grabber works plug and play. Connecting everything properly, connecting itself is done pretty easily. For better understanding I created a construction plan, which shows how to connect additional hardware properly. Please note: On the construction plan and even on my photos the hdmi-splitter is shown without a power cable, because its looks more clear that way. Of course you will need to use the included power adapter to supply it with power.

(Game: New Super Mario bros. U requirements, you should have finished my previous Ambilight-Howtos, because this howto is based on them. Part 1 : Hardware how to attach the leds to your tv properly. Part 2 : Software How to control the colors properly using Hyperion. After finishing these howtos you have an operative massage ambilight-system, that only works in Kodi by now. But now were gonna expand it by some hdmi-devices. . Hardware, recommendation, usb video grabber, us,. Hdmi 2 av converter, us,. Hdmi splitter, us, uk, rca connector, us, uk, usb extension Cable, us, uk 2x hdmi-cabel, us, uk, the videograbber and hdmi-converter are the crucial components.

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With this Tutorial you will be able to use your ambilight with every hdmi-device. Youll be impressed by the mind blowing results! Especially playing games on consoles will become a whole new experience. Your whole room will immerse into the atmosphere of what happens on the screen. For example my fight against bowser in the wii-u game super Mario bros u seemed way more dramatic, when his fire didnt just burn on the screen, but also on my walls. I had to try different things out and test a lot hardware to get this satisfying results, but the effort was totally worth it! This Howto includes following sections: What is required? Connecting everything properly, prepare your Raspberry pi 2, create config file for Video grabber. Control Ambiligh-source different options, heres just a short video of the finished project.

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